October 4, 2013 Big Ahi’s Continue To Bite!

Francis and Andre booked me for a full day today!  We had been seeing some nice ahi in the porpoise school the past few days and that’s what Francis and Andre came for!  First thing in the morning we caught some live bait and headed out looking for porpoise.  About an hour into trolling we saw splashes on the horizon and a few boats working a small pile of porpoise.  I trolled thru and marked a few fish but the pile was so small I decided to continue down the coasty looking for another pile.  As I pasted Hookena beach I realized I should probably go back to the other pile and try our luck.  More boats had found the pile but no one had caught a fish yet according to one of my friends in there.  I went right to the greenstick and on our first pass a nice ahi flew out of the water and ate one of our squids!  Francis saw the whole thing and was shocked to see a fish fly out of the water on the bite!  Andre was first up and battled his first ever ahi to the boat in 15 minutes!  It weighed 103lbs!  After a few pictures we reset our rig and headed back into the school.  It took some time but as always persistence paid off!  Near the end of the day a big explosion on the last squid signaled the bite as a big ahi exploded thru a group of porpoise and was on!  Both Andre and Francis saw this bite too and Francis quickly buckled in for a 10 minute fight on his first ever ahi!  His ahi would scale out at 124lbs!  With two nice ahi in the box we called it a day and trolled back to the harbor!

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