October 6, 2013 Kids Score Onos and Bottomfish!

Since I will be going into drydock in a few days, I decided to take my kids, Fisher and Kai and dad out for a day of “whatever” bites kind of fishing.  We hi-speed trolled two lures at 14knots north of the harbor to one of my shallow bottom fishing spots.  It was only 15minutes into hi-speed trolling when both Fin Nor 130s went screaming off!  My oldest son Fisher and my dad fought two nice onos to the boat and we were on the board!  The both weighed about 30lbs!  Nice to see some off season onos around right now!  We got to our bottom fishing spot and sent down a live bait.  It was on the bottom for about 5 minutes before a nice Bluefin Trevally (omilu) took the bait!  Fisher fought it to the boat in about 15 minutes and quickly released it after a few photos!  On our Hi-speed troll back to the harbor yet another ono piled on one of our lures!  We fought that one to the boat and called it a day with plenty of fish for the table!

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