November 5 & 7, 2013 Dennis Returns For More Ahi!

Dennis has fished with me for the last three years.  He usually fishes for multiple days but this trip was a short one so he only fished two days with me.  On day one we fished a nice porpoise school which was holding some fish.  We had two bites in the school but unfortunately we missed them!  That’s how it goes sometimes but we had our chances with some 100lb+ ahi that day.  On day two, we decided to head back to the same porpoise school.  We were lucky enough to find a porpoise pod with some ahi swimming with them.  It took some time to get a bite, in fact it was almost at the end of the day when a nice ahi piled on one of our lures.  Dennis jumped into the chair and fought his 114lb ahi to the boat!  It isn’t his largest one but it was one for the day!  The last few years while fishing with me he weighed his biggest at 160lbs!

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