September 28, 2013 Kona Blues and Ahi’s

Russ and Kamleesh have fished with me for the last 3 years.  They’ve both caught some nice ahi and marlin with me on past trips.  They both are serious about their saltwater fishing and usually book me for several days during their vacation.  On this vacation they booked two full days with me to better their chances of getting into some action.  On day one we struggled.  We found a nice porpoise school that had some big ahi in it and got a bite on our first pass.  After that, it was down hill.  We ended the day with just the one bite and nothing in the box.  The second day looked like it was going to be the same.  We found another nice porpoise school and saw several ahi on the sounder but they didn’t want to bite.  We worked the school with the greenstick without a bite.  Soon, several other boats showed up and the fishing got tougher.  We switched to a live bait which we had caught earlier in the day.  It didn’t take long before a big ahi ate the bait as we pulled it just ahead of the porpoise.  Kam was in the chair and fought her ahi to the boat in about 20 minutes!  It weighed 110lbs.  We continued to work the school without another bite.  We trolled back to the harbor and got pounced on by a small blue marlin.  This time Russ was up and fought his blue to the boat in about 15 minutes!  We got a nice show from the fish as it tail walked for about 5 minutes behind the boat!  So, persistence paid off today and luck was on our side!

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