September 20, 2013 Todd and the Gang Ahi’s-n-Mahis!

Todd called me last minute and luckily I had a day open during the rest of his vacation!  He, along with Bill and Bryn joined me early to catch some ahis.  We left at the crack of dawn and caught some live bait before we headed offshore.  It didn’t take too long before we found a nice porpoise school that had signs of tuna.  There wasn’t a lot of fish in the pod of porpoise and the fish that were there stayed deep.  We put out live baits and waited for a bite.  It took a lot of patience but about 2 hours into it we were on!  Todd got in the chair and struggled at first.  He finally found his pace and landed his first ever ahi in about 20 minutes!  It weighed 115lbs!  He was amazed how strong these fish are!  We tried for a few more hours but it just didn’t look that great so we trolled home.  On our way, not too far from the porpoise we found a small automobile tire floating on a current line.  On our first pass we hooked a small mahimahi and several others yanked on the lures without hooking up.  We went to bait and the back of the boat lit up with 20-30 mahimahi.  We proceeded to catch them on bait and on light tackle.  It was a blast!  We landed about a dozen and called it good!  They weren’t very big and we had plenty to eat for dinner!  Lots of action and a lot of laughs today!

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