August 27, 2012 Sarah and Kristen Get Ahis!

Tom has fished three days with me in the past week and had some really good luck with a big blue marlin and several nice ahi.  Today was for the girls Kristen and Sarah to get into the action!  We left the harbor early and worked the ledge for blue marlin without luck.  We headed offshore and found a big pile of porpoise chasing flying fish with lots of birds getting in on the action.  As we trolled the pile we got a nice bite on the long rigger but as we got Kristen strapped intot he chair it came unbuttoned!  Ugh!  I went right ot the greenstick and as we neared the pile on our first pass an ahi exploded on the squids.  Kristen got in the chair and made quick work of her first ahi which weighed 76lbs!  We reset right away and ran back up to the porpoise.  We worked the school hard and saw some fish down deep.  We had a nice fish blow-up on the squids and miss three times!  Frustrating!  It was getting late and we had to start trolling home.  About half way back Tom and I were on the flying bridge when a monsterous hole opened up behind the stinger lure!  The fish left a hols as wide as the wash of the boat and I got a good look at it’s tail as it dove for the depths.  It looked like an ahi tail adn the fish headed straight down – a tell tale sign it was an ahi!  Sarah was up and got down to work.  I was amazed as she worked this fish without even thinking of giving up.  We looked a the time and she was 45 minutes into the fight on the Fin Nor 80 with 1/4 of the spool still out.  The fish would take 4 feet of line then she would gain 5 feeet.  The fight would continue like this for an hour when finally I got the leader and sink two gaffs in her fish!  It was a nice ahi which would scale out at 180lbs!  Super impressed by her “never die” attitude!  Good goinf Sarah!

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