August 28, 2012 One of Wally’s Happiest Days!

This was day two with Wally and Lynne.  Last Sunday (8/26), Wally caught a nice blue marlin about 250lbs.  He really wanted Lynne to get the next fish but she was hesitant so Wally “faked” a shoulder injury and “made” Lynne get in the chair today!  Drastic measures!  We started early and set line pretty close to the harbor.  The sun was barely up when a small blue came charging in on the long rigger bait!  Lynne got in the chair and at first was a little hesitant as line peeled off the Fin Nor 130!  She wasn’t sure she could handle it but Wally and I both reassured her she would do just fine.  I backed down on the fish and put the two speed Fin Nor in low gear.  She did a great job and stayed with it keeping the line taut all the way thru the fight.  I got the leader in about 20 minutes and noticed we had hooked the marlin in the eye.  I try to release all the blues we hook but this one had a slim chance of making it so I decided to kill it.  Lynne’s first blue marlin would scale out at 129lbs!  After I reset the lines, Wally came upstairs and told me that watching Lynne catch her first blue marlin made his trip!  That was awesome!  It’s always a good feeling to hear a charter say that even though they have already caught several fish with you! It was still early so we continued down the coast.  Not far down we found a nice pod of porpoise that had some ahi working in front of the pile.  I put up the greenstick but the ahi were deep.  We stayed with the school for a few hours when we finally got a bite!  Wally has caught several nice ahi with me and knew what to do.  He got to work on the fish and had it boatside in about 15 minutes!  His ahi would scale out at 100 1/2 lbs!

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