August 24, 2012 Another Incredible Day!

The last three days of fishing for us has been incredible and I don’t believe could ever be duplicated!  On the 22nd we tagged a 400lb blue and caught two nice ahis with Tom.  Yesterday, in almost the same exact spot we tagged another 400lb blue and again caught two big ahis!  Today, went eerily the same…

Mike and Bev from Seattle have fished with me for over 3 years and today fished with some friends of mine Scott and Doug from Waimea.  We left the harbor a little later than I like and ran to the area I’ve been finding the blue marlin.  We set up trolling after running about 20 minutes.  We were about 2 miles fromm the spot I had hooked the last 2 400lbers when another big blue piled on the long corner bait just 15 yards behind the boat!  Scott and Doug were upstairs and almost jumped out of their seats as the water exploded behind the boat!  Mike jumped into the chair as the fished peeled off a few hundred yards of line and came up jumping some 200yds back.  We backed down hard on the fish as Mike bore down and got to cranking.  The fish was putting on a great show far behind the boat tailwalking all over the place!  Mike put the reel into low gear and got down and dirty with the fish which by now had dove down.  In about 20 minutes Mike had me to the leader as we took photos of the fish and released her in good condition to fight another day!  As we continued on we spotted a few boats working a nice size porpoise school.  I decided to go right to the greenstick and on our first pass a big ahi exploded on one of our squids!  Mike had somewhat recovered from his 20 minute battle with his first big blue marlin and got in the chair.  Mike made quick work of his first big ahi in about 10 minutes!  His ahi would scale out at 127 1/2lbs!  We packed the fish in ice and ran back to the school to try for another.  The school had spread out a bit and we didn’t see anymore fish for quite a while.  We stayed with them and at about 12pm the school came together and the fish were on the surface.  We lined up a good pass and again another big ahi inhaled one of our squids!  Mike was exhausted and gave the chair up to Scott.  Scott worked this fish over and got me to leader in about 15 minutes.  His ahi would weigh 128lbs!  We were now participants in yet another Ground Hog Day!  3 consecutive days of 400lb blues and 2 ahis!  We had to break out of it so we tried hard for a third ahi.  It was getting late and Scott had a prior engagement so we had to get back to the harbor early.  I decided to make the infamous “last pass” and as I turned to come back to the school another big ahi pounced on one of our squids!  We were on!  This time Doug was up and did an incredible job fighting this fish.  His fish would be the biggest of the three and scale out at 131lbs!  Ground Hog Day averted!!!

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