August 23, 2012 – Ground Hog Day For Jeff and Jeffrey!

Never before have I ever imagined that I would have a Ground Hog day fishing in Kona!  Today was simply amazing and little did we know it would be exactly as my charter yesterday!

Jeff surprised his son Jeffrey with a full day trip on the Lepika for his 14th birthday.  The goal was to catch him anything so we headed back to where I had found fish yesterday.  As we trolled down the coast I was almost exactly in the same area I had tagged a 400lb blue the day before when a big dorsal popped up behind the long corner lure!  As I yelled to Jeff and Jeffrey to watch the fish disappeared for a moment and then showed itself again behind the lure and with one big burst ate it with its mouth wide open!  It was a nice fish and my instincts told me to get dad in the chair but 14yr old Jeffrey was already there and waiting so into the harness he went!  Line peeled off as the blue leaped back across the pattern before emptying a lot of line from our reel.  Jeff held his son in the chair as we backed down on the fish.  Jeffrey did an awesome job keeping the line tight and really paying attention to our directions.  He kept at it and nver gave up.  He fought his first ever blue marlin to the boat in 35 minutes!  We got some great pictures next to the boat before we released her safely!  As we continued along the coast we ran into a big porpoise school tat was spreade out for miles.  We trolled the school for a few hours withou any bites or marks and waited for the school to get together.  When they did, I went to the greenstick and after sometime trying we finally got our first ahi to explode out of the water!  This time Jeff was in the chair and work hard on this fish.  Ahi fight deep and Jeff had to really use his legs to lift this fish from the depths.  He landed his first ahi in about 15 minutes and it weighed 100lbs!  Again, we ran to the porpoise and deployed the greenstick.  We tried for about an hour when another big ahi crashed one of our squids.  Jeff was up again and fought his second ahi tot he boat in about 10 minutes!  His second ahi weighed 98 1/2lbs!  What a way to end a great day on the water for Jeffrey’s 14th birthday!

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