May 11, 2012 – More Big Ahi and Spearfish!

Yesterday, we had some unseasonably stormy weather but today started out without a cloud in the sky and flat water.  Mike and his wife Alyssa joined me for a 3/4 day charter.  Since we had some nice spearfish bites the day before we decided to head out into the deep and see if they were still around.  We left early and headed far past the ledge where we had trolled yesterday.  There were flying fish all around the area and it looked really good but the spearfish weren’t around.  We continued farther down the coast and ran into a small porpoise school.  I switched over to my ahi trolling pattern and made a pass in front the school.  As I came across the middle of the school a nice ahi inhaled the lure on the long corner position just 20 yards behind the boat!  It stalled out on the surface and I could see it’s big yellow sickles as it swam away on the surface.  It only took out about 10 yards of line by the time I had Mike strapped into the harness!  Usually, an ahi of this size will clear a quarter of the spool but this fish stayed REALLY close.  By the time I cleared two lines, Mike had the swivel almost to the rod tip.  I was shocked!  I knew it was a big fish but he had the leader to me in about 5 minutes!  Of all the ahi I have caught, I have never seen one come in that fast!  His ahi would scale out at 134 1/2 lbs!  On our next pass in the porpoise a nice spearfish decided to eat one of our lures which we quickly took pictures of and released!  It weighed about 35lbs!  Over all, it was a great day and we were back in the harbor at 12pm!

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