May 9-10, 2012 – Jeff and Rick Catch Ahi!

Jeff, Rick and their wives Carol and Jennifer, joined me for another day fishing Kona.  A few days ago, Jeff and Jennifer fished with me and we caught a nice ahi in the porpoise so today we decided to target spearfish while we searched in the deep.  Jeff and Rick are avid albacore fishermen from Oregon.  Jeff had been telling Rick about the greenstick so we were determined to find a porpoise school holding tuna.  We trolled far from the harbor but couldn’t get a spearfish bite.  The porpoise were even proving to be elusive and I was worried we wouldn’t find them.  As I scanned the horizon with the binoculars I saw a porpoise jump a few miles ahead.  As we neared the pile it looked pretty big and scattered everywhere chasing flying fish.  I didn’t mark any fish right away but I decided to put up the greenstick and give it a try.  It took a while but I finallly marked two fish holding deep in the school.  Finally, after several passes an ahi blew-up on one of the squids.  Jeff was up and landed his first ahi of his 2 day trip!  It weighed 131lbs, 25lbs bigger than the one Jennifer caught a few days prior!  It will be interesting to see which one they put on their wall!  The next day we awoke to some bad weather.  It stormed most of the night and rain clouds were on the horizon.  We decided to fish anyway and Rick caught a small mahimahi and ahi which they took home for dinner.  We also had two short-nose spearfish bites and missed them both.  One of them was over 45lbs!  The spearfish are definitely moving in!

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