October 27, 2011 – Wayne and Jim Score!

Wayne and Jim of Washington state joined me for a full day on the Lepika.  The ahi were biting in the porpoise school so we decided to look for them today.  We ran south pretty far and found a school all by ourselves.  There were fish there but it was hard to get them to bite.  We were persistent and  worked the pile for several hours before a nice ahi piled on one of our lures.  Wayne was in the chair and quickly worked his first ahi to the boat in about 20 minutes.  It weighed an impressive 139 1/2 lbs!  We continued to work the school and had a nother nice ahi blow up on one of our baits.  Jim was quick to get in the chair but after a few minutes the ahi came off!  UGH!  Again we reset our lines.  Shortly after, another fish exploded on our baits.  This time however, it was different.   The fish didn’t dive.  Instead, it swam off to the side and stuck it’s bill out of the water!  It was a small blue marlin, about 100lbs.  It stood on it’s tail and shook it’s head until the bait flew out of his mouth.  It came back again to try the bait and again, when I thought we had him hooked, it shook it’s head and threw the hook.  The marlin tried a third time to eat the bait but again the same result…no hook up!  Oh well!  That’s why they call it fishing!  Wayne and Jim were happy to get their ahi even though it obviously would have been able to get all the fish we had shots at.  There were only two other fish that came out of the school that day so we were fortunate to get one!

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