October 28, 2011 – Making Bait with the Boys

It’s always good to have fresh bait on board just in case…sometimes the fish are on lures and sometimes they prefer the real thing.  My sons have been bugging me to go night fishing for a long time but I’ve been too busy with charters.  Finally, tonight we had a chance to go.  The weather was perfect and the moon was small.  We fish for Opelu which is a type of mackeral found in our waters.  Ono, mahimahi, ahi and blue marlin love these things and to not have some on board everyday is limiting what you can do to get on the fish.  The last few nights have been perfect for bait fishing so we left the harbor at around 7pm.  We turned the lights on (which attracts the opelu) and the school came to the boat pretty quick.  My oldest son, Fisher, started catching Opleu right away.  I was on the other side of the boat trying to get some hooked up which my youngest son Kai fought up to the boat.  The Opelu aren’t big but they fight pretty hard on the handlines that we use.  In a few hours we caught several dozen and called it a night.  The bait will be frozen to be used on future charters!

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