October 20, 2011 – Persistence Pays Off!

Greg and Jim fished with me for a full day.  We left the harbor at 6am and found a porpoise school outside of Keauhou.  The porpoise were scattered for about a mile so we trolled them without a bite.  I didn’t see any fish on the sounder so we headed south in search of better water.  Farther down the coast we found another pile and the fish were there.  I had some live bait in my livewell so we tried that first.  Ahi were rolling in front of the school but ignored our baits.  We continued to try for the next 6 hours without any luck.  Then, at 1pm the porpoise started to get more active.  I decided to change tactics and put up the greenstick.  On our first pass a nice ahi exploded on one of the squids.  Greg was up first and angled his fish to the boat in about 15 mintues.  His ahi weighed 101lbs!  We ran back to the porpoise and set up again.  About an hour later another ahi pounced on one of our squids.  Jim was up and strapped into the chair.  He landed his 118lb ahi in under 15 minutes!

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