October 19, 2011 – John Wants The One That Got Away!

John Morgan fished last year with me on a half day trip.  On that trip we fought a nice 400lb plus blue marlin for half an hour and missed 2 mahimahi – skunked!  This year, John chartered a full day which gave us a lot more time to find the fish.  We went south today and lucked out early in the day.  Just a few minutes out of the harbor we spotted a small porpoise pile working it’s way towards us.  We made a pass on the pod and marked a fish shallow.  I thought I was clear of the porpoise and started my turn back into the pile when an ahi engulfed the stinger lure.  This was John’s chance to get a nice fish.  He clipped himslef into the fighting chair and in a 20 minutes landed his first ahi.  We worked the school for the remainder of the day but weren’t able to get another bite.  Hopefully John returns next year to get a shot at a big blue marlin!

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