Fishing Kona Can Be Tough

Today was one of those frustrating days because we struggled to get a bite.  Other boats around me had some bites and landed a fish or two but today it was feast or famine.  You really had to be in the right spot.  One boat had a monster blue marlin estimated at 1000lbs but after a 2 hour fight they lost it at the boat.  Mark, his son Steve and daughter Elizabeth were troopers the whole day.  They knew the routine and had fished Kona before.  I stayed offshore almost all day fishing between 600-1000 fathoms without a bite.  Near the end of the day I decided to go to the 100 fathom ledge and try where others didn’t.  It paid off, and we tagged a nice short-nose spearfish about 35lbs.  As we neared the Green Bouy right in front the harbor I cleared two of the five lines.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw a nice blue marlin come up and give the long corner bait a look.  It switched to the last two lures in the pattern but didn’t bite.  In Kona, you’re still fishing until the last line is in!

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