Kona Fish Report – Kona Short-nose Spearfish

Jim and Roger were back for more action today!  After fishing a few days ago with me they were well rested after catching a bunch of mahimahis.  They wanted a big blue marlin or a nice ahi to pull against today but the big fish just weren’t around.  Jim loves to say, “Here fishy…fishy” but I limited him to saying it only four times throughout the day.  I think he snuck a few more in while I was on the bridge but whatever he did, it worked.  Soon after we set the lines out we took a triple mahimahi strike and landed all three ranging from 10-15lbs.  For the next 3 hours we trolled an area no more than 2 square miles.  We took 4 short nose spearfish bites and successfully landed one that weighed about 32lbs and had a length of about six feet.  This was Roger’s first short nose spearfish so he decided to mount it to add to his many trophy North American and African plains game animals.  I’m sure the spearfish mount will look great over his mantle eating that 3lb brown trout he has hanging there!

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