Kona Fish Report – Mahimahis for Jim and Roger

Jim has fished with me for about 3 years now.  He hoped to get another nice blue marlin like last years 259lb-er but a huge floating cargo net changed his mind.  We were the third boat to arrive at the cargo net floating just above the surface.  Under it were a few hundred hungry mahimahi, small yellowfin tuna and some big galapagos sharks.  We caught our first mahimahi on heavy conventional gear – a nice 25lb female.  I decided to go with some lighter tackle gear so we switched to my Shimano Trevala rods with Shimano Baitrunner spinning reels.  For the next few hours we caught 9 mahimahi from 12-25lbs on light gear.  We even had a few doubles!

 Jim and Roger did a great job fighting all those fish but quickly tired themselves out.  They could fight fish no more!  So, off we went trolling the nearby ledge where we had a small striped marlin almost to the boat before it jumped off.  Not quite a big blue marlin but I don’t think Jim minded losing that fish….

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