October 31-Nov. 1, 2013, Two Days With Alaskan Capts!

Andy, Nik and Steve are all charter captains in Seward, Alaska.  They are the best at what they do and target king salmon, lingcod, rockfish and monster halibut pushing 33olbs! They are hardcore fishermen and know that if you put your time in you’ll get a fish of a lifetime.  Some of their runs to prime trophy halibut grounds can take them more than three hours and when they get there it may take an hour or more to get a bite.  When you do, it’s probably going to be a fish of a lifetime!  Patience and persistence is the key to any successful fishing trip!  You can checkout their website at www.crackerjackcharters.com .

On day one we left the harbor at first light and ran down the coast and caught some live bait before heading offshore.  We trolled our way south without a bite.  We were about 26 miles south of the harbor when we spotted a skiff fishing a nice pod of porpoise. As we entered the porpoise the skiff hooked a nice ahi next to us so we hoped they were on the bite. We went right to the greenstick and marked a few fish in the school.  Another skiff had joined the school and came trolling into the pile.  Right next to us he hooked a decent sized blue marlin!  Ugh!  Frustration was getting the best of me!  We stuck to the greenstick and marked a few fish shallow but they wouldn’t bite.  I decided late in the day to go to live bait and give it a try.  I made several tries and we missed, (what I think) two small blue marlin that were with the porpoise.  Finally, at almost the end of our time a nice ahi charged the bait leaving a big hole on the surface that everyone saw.  We were on!  Andy was up and fought his ahi to the boat in about 15 minutes!  It scaled out at 143lbs!

On day 2, again we left the harbor at first light and again we caught some fresh live bait.  I ran far offshore and set up trolling down the 1300 fathom line in search of the porpoise we had found the day before.  Today they were farther down the coast.  I went right to the greenstick since the ahi had been biting that first thing in the morning.  On our first pass, a nice ahi blew up on one of our squids!  This time Nik was in the chair.  He made quick work of his first ahi in about 10 minutes!  His ahi would hit the scales at 146lbs!  After a few photos we ran back to the porpoise and reset the greenstick.  On our next pass another big ahi piled on one of the squids!  This time Steve was up and fought his first ahi tot he boat in about 10 minutes.  His fish would weigh 124lbs!  We worked the pile for a few more hours without a bite.  There were a couple more fish there but they stayed deep for the rest of the day.  If you ever go to Seward, Alaska look these guys up!  They are true fisherman and from talking to them they really try hard to put their clients on fish!

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