October 29, 2013 Big Ahi’s and Mahi’s Still Here!

Mike and his father Bob joined me for a full day today.  It’s my first charter since dry dock so I was anxious to see how the boat fished.  The boat is running great!  I ran pretty far south today before fishing.  We trolled down to Milolii (about 28 miles south) and caught a nice 20lb mahimahi on the way.  Mike was up first and made quick work of it!  Dinner was in the box!  We made a few passes just north of Milolii and decided to head back up the line.  Just outside of Keauhou we found a nice pod of porpoise and marked one or two fish swimming with them.  We went right to the greenstick after they refused our trolled lures.  Near the end of our time a big ahi inhaled one of our squids!  This time Bob was up and got strapped into the chair.  I don’t think he expected such a hard fight!  Soon after he buckled in the fish made a hard run and he almost went overboard!  I was right next to him and anticipated what was about to happen as he lifted out of the chair.  I lunged for him and caught his harness as he went past his center of gravity!  He was a little shook up but stuck with the fight.  He worked his fish to the boa in about 15 minutes!  His first and biggest ahi would scale out at 124lbs!

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