August 2013 – Big Ahi’s Dominate August!

The marlin bite has been basically “ok” this month.  Usually, August brings good numbers of 150-200lb blue marlin.  You can count on at least one or two every trip but that wasn’t the case this month.  The current was folded over most of the month and the blues didn’t hold on the ledges like they usually do.  Don’t get me wrong, there were a decent number of blues but the ahi were here in full force.  We were catching them in the blind but most were holding in big porpoise schools offshore.  In early August I hosted Jeff and his son (pictured above).  We had a great day in the porpoise catching these nice ahi on live bait.  This is Jeff vacations here regularly and this was his 3rd trip with me.  Hopefully he will be back for more ahi action!  On another great trip, Bill from California chartered me for 5 consecutive days and landed 4 nice ahi over 100lbs!  Bill is a hardcore fisherman and a longtime Southern California long range fisherman.  He frequents the long range boats that travel south of San Diego searching for world class tuna.  His goal was blue marlin but since the blues were hard to come by during his trip we focused on ahi on three of his 5 charters.  No blues but nice ahi! Another great trip yielded 5 big ahi for Don from Kansas!  The biggest ahi of the 5 weighed 201lbs!  We caught his ahis on a combination of greensticking and live bait.  We just couldn’t do anything wrong on this day!  A few days later, Brian, Bill and Mary had a great day as well landing three ahi from 105-108lbs!  This was Bill’s second season fishing with me on the Lepika!  We really had such a great month on the tunas it’s hard to capture all the trips.  Here’s some pictures from the rest of August!

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