August 7, 2012 John and Austin Score Ahis!

Today, John and Austin along with their wives fished a full day on the Lepika with me.  They are both avid saltwater fishermen from southern California and make frequent trips to Mexico.  John had no interest in catching blue marlin and had his sites set on ahi so we headed out to search for porpoise.  We worked our way out to deep water and about mid morning I spotted a nice porpoise school about 2 miles away from us.  As I turned to head their way a nice blue marlin came charging in on the stinger lure.  It ripped out a few yards of line and gave us a nice aerial display before it came off!  Ugh!  We continued on and it was no more than 10 minutes later when another blue marlin charged in and ate the short rigger!  Austin was first up and got strapped into the harness.  We backed down hard on the fish as it took out about 300 yards of line putting on a nice show in the distance.  Austin cranked hard and got me to the leader in about 20 minutes.  We safely released his first blue marlin in about 20 minutes!  It weighed about 180lbs!  I set lines again and continued towards the porpoise when another blue charged in and ate the long corner lure and quickly jumped itself off!   Three blue marlin bites in about a 30 minutes period!  As we neared the porpoise we could tell they were spread out for miles chasing flying fish.  We worked them hard for about an hour when we got our first bite.  The school was just about to come together and we trolled the outsoide edge of the school when a nice ahi exploded on the stinger lure.  John was up and harnessed the Fin Nor 80w into the chair.  John worked hard and landed a nice 102lb ahi in about 15 minutes.  The porpoise looked really good now so we went to the greenstick.  I didn’t mark many fish in the school but there were some.  About 20 minutes later John was upstairs with me when a nice ahi came all the way out of the water and missed one of our squids.  I continued to jig the line and it came back and again came all the way out of the water and inhaled the squid!  It was Austin’s turn and he got buckled into the fighting chair.  He made quick work of our second ahi of teh day in about 15 minutes!  His ahi weighed 101lbs!  We decided to call it a day and headed back with a blue marlin release and 2 nice ahi!

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