August 6, 2012 Ian and Logan Land Ahis!

David and his two sons Ian and Logan, along with Logan’s girlfriend Olivia fished with me today.  We planned to leave at 6am but didn’t leave the dock until 7:30am because the fuel pumps were down.  We waited along with three other boats for over an hour until the pumps were fixed.  Since we left later I ran a little farther than normal to get to the better fishing area.  I worked my way to deeper water and we ran into another nice pod of porpoise.  The porpoise were spread out pretty far chasing flying fish but I decided to put the greenstick up and see if we could get lucky.  We tried for about two hours before got lucky and had a nice ahi blast one of our squids!  David was sitting next to me and got a nice look at the speed and accuracy of a big hungry ahi!  Ian was up first and struggled to get his harness on.  He made quick work of his first big ahi in about 15 minutes.  His first ahi would weigh 98lbs!  I reset the greenstick and ran back to the porpoise.  We worked the school hard for the next few hours marking fish here and there on the sounder but they just wouldn’t bite.  At about 2pm another nice ahi blew up on one of our squids while we were turning!  Logan was up next and got down to business.  He landed our second ahi in about 10 minutes!  His ahi would scale out at 115lbs!

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