May 15, 2012 – Glenn And The Boys Get Big Ahis and Ono!

Glenn, Dexter and Travis from Oahu flew over with their family for some R&R and a day of fishing with me.  Since we did so well on the spearfish yesterday, we decided to head out into the deep and try for them again.  We headed straight out of the harbor and worked our way towards the 2000 fathom line.  There was lots of flying fish and the signs were prime for spearfish and other predators.  It wasn’t long before I spotted a lone frigate bird circling far on the horizon.  The frigates typically follow porpoise so I got on the binoculars and scanned the water below the bird.  I stared in that direction for a long time and finally saw a porpoise jump.  I ran downstairs and switched over to some smaller bullets in hopes that there was some ahi swimming with the pod. I had just set out three bullets when the short bait fired off!  Travis was up and landed a nice 30lb ono!  As we approached the school was spread out far and wide chasing flying fish in all directions.  We trolled for about an hour and I finally saw an ahi jump with a flying fish firmly sticking out of it’s mouth.  The pod slowly came together and I put up the greenstick.  On our first pass, Travis was sitting with me up top and I told him, “watch right in here, this looks good on this pass…”  Moments later a nice ahi exploded on the squids!  All three of the guys saw the bite as the ahi left a big hole in the water.  Travis was up first and landed his first ahi in about 15 minutes.  His ahi would weigh 97lbs!  We set up again and worked the porpoise.  The pod started to spread out again and chase more flying fish and it was hard to locate the fish, if any in the school.  The porpoise started feeding pretty heavy on flyers just ahead of us and I pulled the squids right in the frenzy hoping an ahi was in there feeding too.  A big explosion signalled the bite and line ripped off the reel as Dexter got strapped into the harness.  Dexter worked hard fighting the fish and at one time almost got pulled in!  He fought his ahi to the boat in about 15 minutes.  It weighed 100lbs!  After a few photos we set up again and worked the pile.  Again the porpoise piled up a school of flying fish and started feeding.  I was able to get the squids in the frenzy and another big ahi blasted one of the squids!  Dexter was up again and clipped into the harness.  This fish gave him a much harder time than the first one but he made quick work of it.  Our third ahi of the day would weigh 140lbs!

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