September 14, 2011 Kona Fish Report – Don Is Back In Kona!

Don fished with me about two years ago.  On that trip we caught a nice ahi about 150lbs and a blue marlin which we tagged and released.  Since I caught 4 ahi a few days ago in the south porpoise school I decided to head back that way.  We trolled for about two hours without a bite and found the porpoise about 15 miles south of the harbor.  At first I didn’t mark many ahi on the sounder but slowly the fish started to show in the school.  We were watching ahi roll on the surface ignoring our baits…incredibly frustrating!  Fianlly, at the tide change we had a nice ahi feed near our squids and after a few jigs on the greenstick it exploded on the last squid.  Don strapped into the chair and brought the ahi to leader in about 15 minutes.

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