Sept. 26, 2011 Kona Fish Report – Craig Wants “The Big One” – Day One

Craig from Seattle, WA fished on the Lepika today.  He and his wife Pam spend time here once a year and sometimes vacation on Maui as well.  Craig has fished on Maui too and has caught a few mahimahi and ono but never anything big.  Our goal today was to catch a fish bigger than him (200lbs).  Since there had been a pretty good marlin bite we started trolling out front the harbor and headed south.  We trolled for about an hour without a bite and I spotted some birds on the horizon.  The birds were on porpoise and the pod was spread out for about 2 miles.  We trolled them for several hours without a bite.  Later in the afternoon the pile came together and the fish were in there.  I set up the greenstick and marked several fish on the sounder.  The ahi were shallow in the school and had lockjaw for about an hour.  Craig was patient and we worked the pile for about another hour.  As Craig ate lunch I worked the greenstick over a nice ahi mark on the sounder.  It bit!  Craig was downstairs and looked on as a big ahi cleared the water and inhaled the squid dangling from the rig.  Craig jumped in the chair and angled his first ahi over 100lbs to the boat in about 15 minutes.  His ahi weighed 174 1/2 lbs!  Although this was a really big ahi it wasn’t over 200lbs as Craig wanted so he talked Pam into fishing another day!  More action with Craig on Thursday Sept. 29th coming up!

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