July 22, 2011 Kona Fish Report – More Short Nose Spearfish!

Newly weds Mark and Denise Lund joined me for another day of fishing.  They had fished a few days before on another boat without any luck and Mark was ready to catch something…anything.  The day before we had some spearfish bites down south but there were also some big blue marlin missed in the same area too.  We headed a few hours south and caught a short nose spearfish about midday.  It was Mark’s first spearfish and he was pretty happy to catch such a rare fish.  We kept going south and found a nice porpoise school outside Milolii but again there weren’t any ahi in the school.  Mark really wanted to try the greenstick rig but “you can’t catch what isn’t there”.  We started our way back to the harbor but this would be the only fish we would catch today.  Mark and Denise plan to come back every year to celebrate their anniversary so hopefully we can get them a big ahi on their next trip in 2012!

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