July 21, 2011 Kona Fish Report – Kona Short Nose Spearfish Are Here

Matt Wilner and his three sons Ben, Russell and Jacob fished with me today.  Matt wasn’t sure if the boys could handle a full day so he booked a half day.  The bite had been a little farther from the harbor lately so he agreed to extend to a 3/4 day so we could fish longer and further down the coast.  As we trolled south I saw 2 boats hook-up in our area.  We worked an area off Kealakekua Bay and raised a 30lb short nose spearfish on the stinger bullet.  Benjamin was in the chair and caught his first short nose spearfish.  Later in the day we found a nice porpoise school but the big ahi were elsewhere.  This is the time of year when the ahi leave the porpoise to spawn and it’s more likely to get blind strikes and see ahi chasing bait on the inshore ledges.  The kids had a great time watching the porpoise jump near the boat and play in the prop wash.  On our way back to the harbor we had another spearfish on but it came unbuttoned soon after we strapped Benjamin into the chair.

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