Kona Fish Report May 3, 2011 – Brad and Steve’s Ahi

Local resident Brad invited his SoCal friend Steve to fish with me today.  We met early at the dock and headed south in search of the south porpoise school.  There were storm clouds on the horizon this morning and after yesterday’s lightning storm I was concerned about going far from the harbor.  As time went on, the clouds moved away from us and we made it to the porpoise school some 20 miles south of the harbor at around 9am.  There were over 20 boats already in the school and a friend called and told me over 20 ahi had already come out of the school.  I went right to dropping some baits in the school and on our first drop we hooked up.  Steve jumped in the chair and managed to land his first ahi which weighed 103lbs.  We tried several more times but there wasn’t much more fish in the pile.  We headed back towards the harbor and maneuvered around several BIG thunderstorms along the way.  The lightning show was pretty scary but we managed to make it back safe!

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