Kona Fish Report May 4, 2011 – Dave Flies from Maui to Fish

Dave of Calgary, Canada is here on his yearly trip to Hawaii.  He’s staying at his parent’s condo in Kihei, Maui and decided to take a quick flight over to Kona for the day to fish with me.  He’s an avid fly fisherman and was referred to me by a past client who is the founder of TFO Flyrods.  Our goal was to catch some tunas or mahimahi on the fly.  We left the harbor late because Dave flew in that morning.  I made a few calls to other fishermen to find out if the buoys were clear of rough tooth dolphins which love to steal fish off your hook.  Unfortunately, the dolphins were at the buoys so we headed far offshore to find floating debri that might hold some fish.  About three hours later we spotted a frigate bird traveling fast as if it had seen something far off on the horizon.  We followed the frigate bird for about 45 minutes and it led us to a small pod of porpoise, about 30 of them.  We made our first pass and the sounder lit up with signs of big ahi.  As we finished our first pass the stinger came down and Dave jumped in the chair.  He landed his first ahi ever in about 20 minutes.  It weighed 114lbs!  We tried for several more hours to get another ahi but theyi went deep and stayed there for the remainder of the day.

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