Kona Fish Report – April 25, 2011

Kona resident Jim H. brought along his long time friends Brock and his son Jonathon from southern California for some offshore action.  Jim has fished about five times with me and as much as I hate to admit it he has got skunked ALL FIVE TIMES!  So, the pressure was on today, BIG TIME!  As he walked down the dock to the boat I joked that he should have brought some ti leaves (to ward off evil spirits) and a priest praying that we would catch something today.  Of course Jim charters me for a half day putting even more pressure on me….typical.  :)    Jim jumps aboard and swears he isn’t going to pay unless we catch something!  After all the jokes we shove off to try our luck.  I didn’t run too far because we only had 4 hours to fish.  About 45 minutes into it on the 500 fathom line I saw a boil on the long rigger and the fish disappear in a ball of white water.  Then it pops up on the stinger lure and after a flurry of tries takes the lure and starts a series of big jumps away from the boat.  14 year old Jonathon jumps in the chair and after a 20 minute fight lands his first blue marlin weighing 161lbs!  Although we did catch a fish today, I guess you could say Jim still hasn’t caught one and is still technically skunked!

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