December 1, 2011 Kona Fish Report – Jay Gets Lucky!

Jay from New Jersey has been on somewhat of a bad luck streak.  A few years ago he fished Mexico and the boat he chartered blew an engine.  Then he hunted a few days for whitetail and got skunked.  I found all this out about 4 hours into our full day charter without any bites.  We had found a nice porpoise school and saw big ahis swimming with them but just couldn’t get a bite.  Jay was pretty down, but I told him to be patient and our turn would come.  He was flipping thru my photo album looking at lucky charters who caught on some days 3-5 ahi.  I told him most of the time all those fish are caught in just and hour or two when the fish begin to flurry.  Then, about an hour later I marked an ahi on the sounder shallow in the school and it pounced on one of our squids.  Jay quickly got strapped into the chair and fought his first ahi of the day that weighedd 122lbs!  After a few quick photos we ran back to the school and set up.  On our next pass another big ahi came halfway out of the water as it inhaled another squid we were dragging off the greenstick.  This one was bigger than the first and Jay really put a lot of preesure on it.  He fought the fish for 20 minutes before I stuck the gaffs in her.  His second ahi weighed an impressive 178lbs!  Satisfied with our catch and running out of time we started our troll back to the harbor.  Finally, his bad luck streak was over!

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