November 18, 2011 – No Blue for Fisher But An Ahi Will Do!

Today was day two of parent teacher conferences so the kids and I decided to head back out since we had great results the day before.  My oldest son Fisher was gunning for a bigger blue than the one Kai caught yesterday and my daughter Marina was hoping for her chance as well.  We left a little earlier than yesterday, 7am, since Kai and Marina’s conferences were at 2pm.  I ran to the Top Corner of the Grounds and set up trying to catch some live bait.  The water was rougher today and the skipjack tunas were hard to catch.  It took us about an hour to finally catch one which I rigged up and sent back.  I decided to walk the bait farther off the ledge than normal and as I passed the 500 fathom line my phone rang.  It was another charter boat just a mile or two ahead of me.  He had the porpoise school!  Fisher quickly reeled in our bait and I readied the greenstick.  As I was on the phone with my friend he took a strike and abruptly hung up.  We ran to the school and worked it with the geenstick.  I marked one ahi on my sounder down at 40 fathoms but it didn’t bite.  The school was traveling so fast I couldn’t keep up with them pulling the greenstick so I had Fisher put out a small bullet lure on the 3rd wave behind the boat.  On our next pass I marked another ahi at 45 fathoms and as I watched the greenstick working a big ahi blew up on the bullet Fisher had just put out.  He got buckled into the chair and fought his ahi to the boat in about 20 minutes!  This was Fisher’s third ahi he has ever caught and hopefully it won’t be his last.  It wasn’t a big blue as he wanted but he was stoked to get it in!  We were pretty far from the harbor so we ran back and had lunch at the dock…in by 12pm!  Off to teacher conferences!

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