February 18-21, 2013 Spearfish and Mahimahi Action!

The last few days have had some action for smaller game!  Good friends Joe Bruno along with his wife’s family joined me for a full day.  We caught a nice spearfish and a mahimahi which they took home for grilling!  A few days later, Norman brought his two sons Trevor and Jacob out for a full day.  We went far south of the harbor looking for some action but most of it was back off of town so we headed back north.  As soon as we got back in the “zone” we caught two really nice mahimahi for each of the boys!  Steve and Rod, along with their wives Patty and Kathy fished with me the next day and caught a nice spearfish as well!  They took some nice fillets home to grill that night too!  There is definitely some action and the fishing is picking up.  Rumors of big fish being missed have been spreading around the harbor and the big blues should be showing soon!

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