October 29, 2012 – Big Ahi Are Still Here!

I haven’t had many charters this month which is as expected this time of year!  Everyone is back to work and not many people are traveling to Kona for vacation right now.  Things usually start to pick up near Thanksgiving and then run right thru the holidays.  That being said, there’s still some fish out there to be caught and some nice ones too!  The porpoise schools are loaded with big ahi and there’s still some small blue marlin around to keep things interesting!

Jay, from Kauai and his son Mason fished with me and did really well.  We found a nice porpoise school all by ourselves far offshore and got lucky.  We worked the pile for several hours and had a nice ahi blow-up on one of our squids!  Mason was the angler for the day and horsed in a nice 114lb ahi in about 15 minutes! 








A few days later, we found another nice porpoise school which was loaded with big ahi in the 120-170lb range!  We worked the school with the greenstick and missed one right away!  UGH!  A big ahi came up and just plain missed the bait!  After working the school for a while we were lucky enough to again have a big ahi blast one of the squids!  Nick was up and battled his first ahi to the boat in just under 20 minutes!  It was his biggest fish ever and wanted to try and lift it by himself after we weighed it! Nick’s ahi would end up weighing 141lbs!

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