November 14, 2011 – Ron Is Back For More Action!

Ron visited Kona last year for his son’s wedding.  On that trip we caught a nice 173lb ahi, a mahimahi and a big skipjack tuna.  Ron mounted the ahi for his son and it ow hangs on their wall as a reminder of their trip.  Today, Ron brought along Steve and Doug and we headed north looking for porpoise.  The water north of the harbor was really calm and the porpoise school was probably too far out of our range so we moved closer inshore where the blue marlin had been biting a few days ago.  We were on the 1000 fathom line right out front of the harbor when I marked a big fish at 40 fathoms on my sounder.  As I turned to look back a big blue marlin around 550lbs ate the short bait just a few yards behind the boat.  The big blue stalled out on the surface not sure of what just happened.  It barely took out 10 yards of line by the timeDoug jumped in the chair and then it figured out what was going on and headed for the horizon.  It made a series of big jumps as Steve and Ron strapped Doug into the chair.  Just as we got Doug buckled up the fish was off!  UGH!  Steve turned to me and said, “I didn’t see the fish but I knew it was big when all that line was disappearing off the reel!”  Frustrated, we set up again and worked the area hoping for another bite.  It was not meant to be, but we did manage to catch a mahimahi for the guys to take home for dinner!

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