July 14, 2011 Kona Fish Report – 4 Days With Daryl Hosta

Daryl had to cut his trip short this time to fly back to California but we were able to get 4 solid days of fishing.  Last year Daryl fished 5 days with me and we spread the days out over a 8 day period.  He caught several nice ahi on that trip and a small blue marlin.  This time we fished 4 consecutive days.  On day one we didn’t even have all the lines out when a blue marlin about 150lbs jumped on the long rigger and quickly came off.  Shortly after, another blue marlin about the same size ate a small bullet running on the stinger.  This fish gave Daryl a hard time but he managed to fight it to the boat in about 15 minutes.  When I grabbed the leader, we saw that the fish was snagged in the dorsal which is why the marlin put up such a hard fight.  We trolled for another 3 hours without a bite when an estimated 300lb blue tried the long corner position.  The marlin knocked the lure off the rigger and quickly switched to the short rigger.  It put on a great show as Daryl and I watched this fish swirl and intimidate the lure.  The blue marlin are here to spawn and it appeared that this fish was more interested in chasing the lure out of it’s territory than actually eating it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get a shot at this fish.  On the second day of fishing we again worked the same area we had found fish.  The fish had moved farther south and we wasted a few hours in the wrong spot.  We headed farther offshore and found a small porpoise school and went right to the greenstick.  On our first pass Daryl got to see a nice ahi blast one of the squids hanging in the air.  He jumped in the chair and landed a nice 120lb ahi.  On our next pass with the greenstick another ahi ate one of the squids and Daryl landed his second ahi that weighed 110lbs.  More boats started to join us in the school so we decided to troll.  On our way back to the harbor, Daryl landed 2 nice short nose spearfish.  Day 3 was a much different day.  We went to C buoy to live bait.  I had marked some big fish there but we didn’t get a bite.  The porpoise school was nearby so we headed that way.  There were fish in the pile but they were hanging deep in the school.  We tried the greenstick and dropping bait but none of them worked.  We ended day 3 without a fish in the boat.  On Daryl’s last day we trolled north of the harbor and were able tag and release a 200lb blue marlin.  The fish put on a great show jumping several times just a few yards from the back of the boat. 

Daryl’s four day total yielded 2 blue marlin from 150-200lbs, 2 ahi from 110-120lbs and 2 short nose spearfish.  He plans on making another trip out this winter or maybe next spring for more offshore action.

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