Kona Fishing with Scott and Ben

Scott from Los Angeles, CA brought along his 10 year old son Ben with him today in search of some Kona deep sea fishing action.  It was their first time fishing kona so our game plan was to troll in search of striped marlin and short nose spearfish, something Ben could handle on his own.  We headed out early and saw a 100lb blue marlin feed right next to the boat but wasn’t interested in our lures.  We searched the deep for several more hours with only one mystery bite which knocked the outrigger down and quickly came off.  Ben had hopes of hooking something big so I turned towards a nearby FAD (Fish Aggregating Device) that had been holding small tunas and Ben’s dream fish – sharks. 

We caught several small tunas and dropped them down for a blue marlin or an oceanic white tip which frequent the buoys.  No luck, so we went to lighter tackle and caught some nice size yellow-tuna from 10-40lbs.  Of course, as Scott is fighting a nice 40lb ahi a big white tip came in and took two big bites from his ahi. 

Thunderstorms loomed on the horizon so we decided to high speed troll back to the harbor.  As we cleared lines at the harbor mouth we had a nice 20lb ono eat the long bullet. 

It was Scott’s first ono and we cut it up for them to take home along with some nice ahi fillets.  I’m sure they’re having a great dinner tonight!

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