April 14 – Tom Wants a Big One – Day 1

Tom is back to fish Kona.  Last year, Tom fished with me for three days and caught 2 really nice ahi on his last day of fishing.  This year he’s back to try and catch something that weighs more than him.  He timed his trip to coincide with the April full moon when our big blue marlin show up.  Well, this April we have yet to see any monster blues so we headed out to the deep in search of big yellowfin tuna.  Since we had caught 2 nice ahi on live bait a few days prior, I got up on the water at 2:30am and caught us some live bait for the day.  Tom arrived at the boat at around 6:15am and we were on our way.  Again we lucked out and found a school of porpoise loaded with big ahi.  Our first bait in the water got bit right away.  Tom had a nice 106lb ahi to the boat in a few minutes.  The third drop on the porpoise resulted in another ahi that went 90lbs.  

The porpoise school spread out for miles making it difficult to locate fish so we called it quits and headed home.  We’ll have to try for a bigger one tomorrow!  Day 2 coming up….

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