November 16, 2012 Fishing Kona Ahis!

Tom fished with me almost five years ago!  On that trip he remembered catching ahi pushing 120lbs!  Today, he was back with his friends Scott and Joe to fish Kona once again.  Not many Kona charter boats have been fishing so we had the ocean pretty much to ourselves.  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad.  When more boats fish it’s easier to find fish by relying on friends and finding fish with a group as opposed to just out on your own.  We’ve had really good luck the past three days seeing quality fish so I had hoped today we could do it again.  Tom wasn’t sure how his friends would do in rough water so I ventured south where the ocean is typically calmer because of the volcanoes that block the normal trade-winds.  We trolled south for a few hours without a bite before stumbling onto a porpoise school that was fairly spread out.  There was one other boat that joined us and I marked two nice tunas down at 40 fathoms.  No bite trolling so I deployed the greenstick.  The pod was pretty big and spread out so I wasn’t expecting much until they came tighter.  We made our third pass on a nice group of porpoise when a nice ahi balsted 8 feet out of the water and inhaled one of our squids!  The guys were too busy checking out the porpoise swimming all around our boat and missed the ahi bite.  They definitely heard it as line screamed from the Fin Nor 130.  Tom was up and worked his fish to the boat in about 15 minutes!  Tom’s ahi would scale out at 134 1/2lbs!

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