November 14, 2012 – Mike and Debbie Hook MONSTER Blue Marlin!

(Ok…that’s not it in the picture…read on)  After yesterday’s successful trip on ahis I decided to head north in search of big blue marlin.  Friends of mine had seen fish pushing 400lbs of the airport so I decided to give it a try.  Mike and Debbie chartered me for a full day so we had plenty of time to find the fish.  As we neared the Grounds the swell was a little lumpy and uncomfortable.  I was paying attention to the steep chop when the stinger took off.  Line was leaving the reel slowly so I thought it was a small fish.  As I turned to grab the rod a big blue marlin lunged halfway out of the water!  The fish was big and as most big marlin are, didn’t know it was hooked!  I ran downstairs and clipped Mike into the harness.  I told him to get ready because the fish is going to figure it out and head for the horizon!  The big blue only had 50 yards of line out and I was able to clear two lines when the blue headed for the horizon.  Before I could get the lures in the boat we were at a half spool of line (500 yds)!  I backed off the drag to lessen the strain but it wasn’t enough and the big blue broke off taking our lure and all!  UGH!  I estimated the fish at over 700lbs!  We continued to troll and decided to switch over to live bait after seeing good signs of frigate mackerel on the ledge.  We caught a few baits and live baited.  We got bit pretty quick by a nice mahimahi which we fought almost to the leader before the hooks came out!  UGH again!!  Back to baiting we went and as our luck would have it the dolphins came in and started eating our baits.  Back to trolling we went and again hooked up to what I think was a small blue marlin.  Again, the fish came off after a short run!  Three strikes and no fish to leader!!  Frustrating but it happens…so back to trolling.  Finally, near the end of the day a small blue charged in on the stinger.  This time the hooks were in firm…both of them…one in the eye and the other solid in the corner of the mouth.  The feisty blue put on a great show for us as it tail-walked towards the boat.  Mike fought the fish for about 10 minutes and since we hooked in the eye we decided to keep it.  Mike’s blue marlin would weigh 119lbs!  We donated it to a friend of mine for his nephew’s birthday party.  That was was some pretty good action today which rivaled some days I’ve had this summer!  The big fish are making an appearance!

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