July 18, 2012 Mike and Jeremiah Day 3 Ahi & Mahi!

After yesterday’s epic action we headed out in search of the porpoise.  The water conditions were really nice and we looked long and hard for the school.  About mid morning a small mahimahi ate the long rigger!  Mike was up and brought his first ever mahi to the boat!  Later in the afternoon one of my friends called and said he had a nice porpoise school that was holding fish.  We pulled our lines and ran to his location.  There were a lot of boats in the school and we worked it hard.  We saw two other boats hook up but we just couldn’t buy a bite.  It was getting late so we decided to head back.  We were 20 miles from the harbor so we had a good distance to go.  On our way back we spotted our friend in another porpoise school about 12 miles from the harbor.  He had just taken a double trolling so we went right to the greenstick.  As I made our first pass a big ahi jumped completely out of the water and ate the last squid on the rig.  Jeremiah was up and got into the chair.  Before he could start cranking on it it came off!  UGH!  We quickly set back up and made another pass.  Blast off!  Another nice ahi came clear out of the water and ate one of the squids.  We were on and Mike got in the chair this time.  He was able to get the leader to me in about 10 minutes and we landed our first ahi of the day!  It was getting late but we wanted to get one more for Jeremiah so back to the front of the school we went.  On our third pass, another nice ahi blasted one of the squids!  Jeremiah got in the chair and made quick work of his ahi in about 5 minutes!  It was getting late and we called it a day!  Mike and Jeremiah would end their three day charter with 5 ahi from 94-158lbs, a 15lb mahimahi and a 20lb ono!


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