June 21, 2012 – Ahi Action Heats Up!

We started right out front this morning searching for pods of porpoise since the schools have been holding plenty of big ahi over 100lbs.  It didn’t take long before we spotted a big pile working it’s way in deep water.  There were already three boats trolling the school so I immediately went to the greenstick hoping we could fool some tunas into biting.  On our third pass a big ahi launched clear out of the water and inhaled one of the flying squids!  It was one of the highest leaps I’ve ever seen on a greenstick bite…an easy 7-8 feet out of the water!  Tory was up first and steadily worked the fish to the boat.  In about 15 minutes he landed his first ever ahi to the boat…it weighed 135 1/2 lbs!  We quickly set-up again and worked the school.  There were a lot of boats and it was difficult to make good passes.  The porpoise would spread out making it difficult to locate the fish.  About an hour later another ahi blew up on one of the squids, but this time the fish came off…UGH!  We re-set and worked the school for a few ore hours but couldn’t get another bite.  We decided to leave and troll back towards the harbor.  About 2 miles away from the school the long rigger came slamming down!  The fish never jumped but instead went deep.  This time Mike was in the chair and he settled down for a hard fight.  He took his time and got his fish to leader in about 15minutes…his ahi would scale out at 118lbs!

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