June 14, 2012 – Day 1 Joseph Gets His First Ahi!

The porpoise schools have been holding lots of big ahi if you know where to find them.  Today was the first of Joseph’s three days he booked with me.  He was joined today with his daughters best friend Michaela.  I decided to head far offshore to look for porpoise because I had been catching some nice fish out of this school lately.  The water was pretty calm inshore which meant we would have to look far outside our normal range for the school.  We were 27 miles out when we finally spotted the frigate birds high above the school.  It was getting rougher so we decided to troll the school first.  I didn’t mark any fish in the pile and after we finished our third pass the porpoise spread out for miles.  It’s much better to have them traveling in a tight pile so we elected to stay on the troll.  It was about three hours later when we finally got a bite on the long corner!  Joseph got in the chair and landed his first big ahi in about 15 minutes!  Persistence paid off!

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