April 20, 2012 – Don (Day 2) and Fisher Get Bit!!

After catching a nice ahi a few days ago Don joined me again along with my son Fisher.  As I have stated before, he is the luckiest kid in the world when it comes to catching fish!  We left the harbor early at around 5:30am to get the jump on a pretty good ono bite which started the day before.  We set lines up at the harbor mouth and Fisher drove the boat up the 45 fathom line towards the airport while I adjusted and rigged the lines.  On our first pass up the coast we had nice signs of bait and onos on the sounder.  The short rigger was the first to fire off as a big 30lb ono crashed the lure.  Don got in the chair and caught his first ono in about 10 minutes!  We set up again and made another pass over the same spot.  Fisher and I watched the sounder and again saw signs of bait and onos in almost the same spot.  We turned to watch the lures as another big ono erupted on the bait but didn’t hook up.  As we worked ourt way farther north we saw lots of good signs of fish but no bites.  We were about to give up when another ono ate the short bait running deep off the corner.  This time, Don was nice enough to let Fisher fight one so he got in the chair and made quick work of a nice 40lb ono!  With enough fish to eat we decided to head offshore and look for Don’s big blue marlin.  We headed straight out and ran straight into a huge porpoise school.  It was one of the biggest piles I had seen in a long time but as we worked the pile I didn’t mark any fish on the sounder.  Regardless, we continued to work the school when the stinger took off and then the short rigger as well.  It was a double!  Don jumped in the chair as Fisher fought the other in the rod holder.  Line wasn’t peeling off the reel like an ahi would run and we weren’t sure what it was until Fisher’s came up jumping – double spearfish!  Fisher got his in first and we released it unharmed it weighed about 30lbs.  Don quickly got his to leader and we released his 35lb spearfish soon after.  We set up again and worked the school but just didn’t see any signs to warrant spending more time there.  We trolled back towards the harbor and worked the shallower ledges.  Just outside the harbor as we were headed in another big spearfish pile on the bullet on the stinger.  Don got in the chair and landed another really nice spearfish that was probably close to 40lbs!  What a great day – a 30lb and 40lb ono and 3 short nose spearfish releasesd that went 30lbs-40lbs!  I guess Fisher is good luck!

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