April 13, 2012 – Another Big Spearfish

Today my kids had the day off from school so Fisher and I decided to go looking for ahi in the porpoise school.  We trolled our way south working our way down the 1800 fathom contour.  The ahi haven’t really been holding in the porpoise school lately but you have to keep checking to stay on top of what’s going on.  One day the porpoise may not have  any fish and the next day it could be loaded so you just never know unless you go looking.  As we passed outside of Kealakekua the stinger came down and Fisher got settled into the chair to fight our first bite of the day.  It ended up being a really nice short-nosed spearfish about 25lbs which he managed to get to the leader in about 10 minutes.  We hadn’t caught a spearfish since winter so we decided to take it for the dinner table!  Unfortunately, we never found the porpoise school today but there’s always tomorrow!

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