February 27, 2012 Patty and Jack Get Mahis!

Alaska residents Patty and Jack joined me today.  They are both die-hard fishermen and have been coming to Kona for the past 3 years.  Today we headed out to look for porpoise since the big yellowfin tuna had been around the last few days.  We found a big pile right outside the harbor and the fish were there but really deep.  We trolled the porpoise for most of the day without a bite and the fish stayed deep.  It was getting late and on the way back we took a double mahimahi bite!  Patty got in the chair and Jack fought his fish out of the gunnel.  Their mahimahis weighed 15 and 20lbs!  When we got back I filleted their mahimahis for them to take back to Alaska!

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