January 8-10, 2012 George And Steve Back For More Action!

George and Steve are bottom fishing fanatics!  This is their third year fishing with me in search of bottom fishing IGFA world records.  George and Steve both hold several IGFA records and a few were taken on the Lepika.  On this trip, we decided to fish 3 consecutive days but instead of fishing in the day we would fish on the full moon at night.  George and Steve have very specialized gear for deep dropping to well over 200 fathoms (1,200 feet) and on this trip, Steve designed a special reel handle that would allow him to crank his line up with the use of an electric drill.  It really helped them get more drops in since we were fishing in an average of 450 feet of water.  Each night we averaged about 60-70lbs of Opakapaka and Lehi.  Unfortunately, we did not catch any records on this trip but we proved Steve’s drill inventioned work without a hitch and I’m sure they will be using it on their many other bottom fishing trips around the world!

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