June 19, 2011 Kona Fish Report – Day 2 Rock and Reel Tournament

Chuck and Margaret were ready for a big one today.  Yesterday 2 fish were lost that were estimated at over 500lbs.  We needed one of those today but it just wasn’t meant to be.  We fished hard working the areas where the bite was yesterday.  Today only one blue marlin was tagged and none were landed over the 300lb minimum weight but there were over 10 short nose spearfish tagged and released.  Chuck had never caught a short nosed spearfish.  Around mid day he got his shot when the stinger came down in about 500 fathoms straight out front of the harbor.  Chuck fought the 30lb spearfish to the boat and we successfully tagged and released it in about 5 minutes.  We really needed to tag a small blue to win the dailies, but this was the only fish we would get a shot at today.  Chuck and Margaret will be back on Friday June 24th to fish another full day on the Lepika!

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