February 17, 2012 Fisher Gets Another Blue Marlin

I took my son Fisher out today to try for an IGFA world record short-nose spearfish.  My good friend Keith also joined us.  There has been a pretty good bite as of late for record size spears so we decided to give it a try.  We left the harbor early and set up lines about 10 minutes outside the harbor.  We had just put out the last line when Fisher noticed something chasing the stinger lure.  The fish came bolting in and knocked the line off the outrigger.  Fisher reeled the lure back into position and it came back for the lure again.  This time the hooks stuck and the fight was on.  We all saw the bite and thought it was a big spearfish.  Fisher transferred the rod to the chair and clipped himself in.  The fish never jumped and he fought the fish to about 20 yards away.  The it bolted and came up jumping just a few yards alongside the boat.  It looked like a big stripey and we were all disappointed that it wasn’t a spearfish.  Fisher finally worked it to the boat and as I grabbed the leader to my surprise it was a little blue marlin about 80lbs!  We are going to keep trying for the record and one day we’ll get it!

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